Sensory bin prep for the entire year!

Last year I started prepping my sensory bins for the entire year in just one single day over summer break. I found that I saved a tremendous amount of time by prepping in one day in bulk as opposed to prepping bins as my classroom themes changed. I spend one morning gathering my rice, beans, oats etc. I purchase my filler items throughout the year from dollar tree as they bring in all of their seasonal items. The great thing about the bins I use is that I can just grab them and go in a few seconds and take them into my classroom as needed. Each drawer in the bins that I use are easily removable. 

Grab and go sensory bins:

It takes me roughly 1 hour to color all of my rice. I use a large mixing bowl and dye one color at a time. I use the 10lb bags of rice from Walmart and use 1/3 of a bag per color. I purchased 3 total bags for this task.

Food Coloring: I allow my rice to dry in foil pans for 24 hours before I place it in my sensory tubs.


Below you will see a sneak peek of the bins I've created for the upcoming school year! I created 24 bins total in one afternoon.

See the videos below for a quick preview of the process I use when assembling my sensory bins!