Math & Science Center Organization

As you can see, my math and science centers are combined into just one single center (discovery center) in my classroom. I run a private home-based preschool which means my space is limited and I have to get creative to make everything fit how it should in my classroom. 

I start my year off with the more common math and literacy resources in my bins, but I do change several items out as we change themes. My themes range anywhere from 1-3 weeks depending on the theme itself and the interest level from my students. Here's a quick look at some of the resources I use in my discovery center. Clicking any of the photos below will lead you directly to each item on Amazon.

2 students are allowed in the discovery center at a time. This is due to both the size of the center and the activities that we do here. Students are able to rotate through the discovery center as they wish while I am doing small group lesson with some of my other students. The discovery center is used as one of our rotation centers every single day. 

Keep an eye out for a new page coming to my website soon highlighting all of the resources used for each theme.