Art Center Organization

As you can see, my art center also doubles as my classroom entryway. My classroom is based out of my home and the door shown to the right here is actually the entrance to the preschool from the playground area. 

The art center is probably my favorite center in my classroom. Students are given 100% freedom in the art center once we have gone over all of the center rules during the first two weeks of class. All of our art resources are kept within reach for students throughout the day allowing full creative freedom. 

How does this work? We go over the rules very consistently in the first two weeks of school. After the first two weeks we do still review the rules as needed, usually twice per month.

Rule #1 - When you are done creating, place your artwork onto the drying rack to leave room for other students to create.

Rule #2 - If you spill paint on the floor, just make sure you clean it up with a paper towel or wipe before you leave the center.

Rule #3 - There is no right or wrong way to unleash your creativity, we do not allow anyone to bash another students artwork. 

One of my biggest goals in my classroom is to allow my students the ability and resources to express themselves however they choose. I want my students to have complete freedom over their creations while in the art center. We do have smocks in the ark center for those extra messy days to keep clothing covered. I do not limit how much time my students spend in the art center. 

The labels used on my art supply buckets can be found here: I do have several other different themed versions of décor available on my TPT store. 

The art center also doubles as the area for our take home folders. As you can see in the photo to the left, I have my Pre-K and Preschool file boxes since I have two classes per week. Inside the boxes are hanging file folders labeled with each child's name. These folders are placed right inside the classroom entryway so that parents can easily access them at pickup each day. 

Click here to see a quick video overview of my art center: Art Center Tour

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